Senior Advisory Curriculum And Capstone

-Overview of Capstone

-Timeline of Capstone Due Dates for 2019-2020

For Advisors -Capstone Student Work Documentation Log  Update for 2019-2020 school year. This will help you keep track of your students' assignments.

-Product Descriptor for Capstone Process 

-Product Descriptor for Capstone Presentation 

Capstone Ideas:

-Compete in the Maine State Science Fair- See Mr. Evans (rm 226) if interested:
Use your understanding of the scientific method to investigate something of your choice that you are interested in. Come up with your own problem, and test your own hypothesis. This is a wonderful way to investigate the world around you in a very meaningful way. If you are interested, Ms. Barbour can work with you to help you develop a plan, but you will also need an out of school mentor in the field you are interested in studying. The competition is usually sometime in March, and you will have the opportunity to win scholarship money.

-Write a History of Our School District: See Ms. Brunette (main office) if interested:
Our Superintendent is interested in getting a student to work on writing a history of our school district before its "Founding Fathers" are all gone. This project would include interviews and working with local historical societies. Really cool project for someone interested in history. 

-"Seniors to Seniors" is a program started by 2015-2016 students Harley and Summer. It matches elderly animals that need to be adopted with elderly people who could use the companionship. Email Kim Gore ( if you are interested. She would love some juniors to get on board and help this program grow by helping with the adoption process and some grant writing to help elderly people with the costs of owning a pet.

-Ceiling Tile Book  See Ms. Barbour  
Using photos already taken from a previous Capstone project, a student can make a book that they can then sell as a fundraiser for a project/charity of his/her choosing.

Quarter 1 Activities

-Complete "Reflection and Goal Setting" document and meet to discuss with your advisor.
Make a copy of the Reflection and Goal Setting document, rename it with your name and date, and share it with your advisor. You can fill out the form digitally, or you can print it out and do it on paper if you prefer.

Revised Capstone Proposal Due, if needed, on Oct. 2, 2019
   -Meet with your advisor.  Make necessary changes to proposal and resubmit to advisor.
Advisors:  Update the Capstone coordinators as to who has passed in their proposals at this point.

-Ask teachers for recommendations (Guidance form), completed on NAVIANCE/FAMILY CONNECTION.

-Write “thank-you” notes to teachers/staff who wrote letters of recommendation. Gratitude is a good thing.

-Capstone Journal #1   Background Research   (week of October 15)

- Capstone Field Advisor Identification and Mentor Agreement form (Oct. 19)
The Mentor Agreement Form lets your advisor know for sure who has agreed to help you on this project.  
On the back is a "Documentation of Work" log that should be filled out and signed each time you work with your mentor.

Quarter 2 Activities

-Students logon to get a FAFSA pin (Starting in October)
          -Recommended: Use Financial Aid website
          -FAFSA application will need to be filled out online in February in order to qualify for any financial aid.

-Capstone Journal Entry 2 (week of Nov. 13)
-Capstone Journal Entry 3 (week of Dec. 10)
-Capstone Journal Entry 4 (week of Jan. 7)

-Capstone Presentation Request form (Jan. 10)
          *Advisors will hand these in to Advisory Coordinator(s)

-College Application on file with Guidance (with updated Resumé)
        (or guidance needs to know you have applied for college)

Quarter 3 Activities

FAFSA application will need to be filled out online in February in order to qualify for any financial aid. (see Quarter 2 information for getting a pin)

-Capstone Journal Entry 5 (week of Jan. 28)

-Completion of Field Work for Capstone Project (Jan. 28)
-Hand in "Documentation of Work" log signed by mentor (part of agreement form above)

-Design a Capstone Exhibition (Week of Feb. 4)

-Make a clear plan for your presentation including putting together any slideshows, editing     videos, etc.

-Capstone Presentation Rehearsals (Feb. 11 - Mar. 29)

*Advisors can use the Practice Presentation Sign-Up Sheet to schedule practice presentations.

-Do a practice presentation for your advisory group.
*Make sure to review and follow the guidelines for the Presentation Product Descriptor (found below in Quarter 4) so you know how you will be assessed.

-Rehearsals needs to be done before the end of Mar. 30 (Quarter 3).
*Advisors need to set up a schedule that will allow all students time to practice before the end of Quarter 3.

-Watch Sample Capstone Presentations
Emory's Capstone Presentation on Survival
Ben's Capstone Presentation on Autism

Quarter 4 Activities

-Things to keep in mind for Capstone Presentation (Friday Apr. 5)

-Capstone Presentation Product Descriptor
           *Advisors need to fill our the Capstone Process Product Descriptor (located towards top of page) before Mar. 30 and submit to Advisory Coordinator(s).

-How to Remediate Capstone Process

-Send “Thank-you” notes to field advisors. (Week of April 8)

-Capstone Remediation (week of May 6)
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