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Check out some of the new and improved features with Empower 3.0.
These features are now available to us. 

Empower-made Tutorial Videos for the New Empower 3.0new
youtubeActivities 3.0 youtubeActivity Control Panel 3.0
 youtubeEmpower 3.0 Scoring
 youtubeGrouping 3.0
 youtubePlaylists 3.0
 youtubePolls 3.0
 youtubeQuizzes 3.0  youtubeSocial Media 3.0

Before you can do much of anything in Empower 3.0, you need to create a grade book.  View the "Empower 3.0 Scoring" video at 4:11, or use this link: https://youtu.be/ycS6mSHYZFM?list=PLnzoMMTFet-cMVWUL0-UFf84h-Ot-TqgS&t=245


Link75 Tutorial Videos for Empower 3.0          

youtube logoScrolling in Empower 3.0new   YoutubeCreating a Gradebook in Empower 3.0new
 youtube logoScoring a Learning Goal 3.0 new  

Link75 Tutorial Videos for Empower 2.3

YouTube LogoEmpower vs. Spiderman YouTube LogoLogging Into Empower
YouTube LogoGrading Spreadsheet YouTube LogoCreating an Activity (part 1 of 3)
YouTube LogoCreating an Activity (part 2 of 3)
YouTube LogoCreating an Activity (part 3 of 3)
YouTube LogoDelete-Share-Assign an Activity YouTube LogoAdd A QuickTask
 YouTube LogoFeedback to Students   YouTube LogoPrinting Progress Reports/Report Cards   
   YouTube LogoAdding Comments to Progress Report/Report Cards new  

Downloadable Documents

Activity Instructions Empower.pdf  Download this pdf for instructions on creating an activity in Empower.
Adding a QuickTask ver. 2.3  Instructions for creating a QuickTask in Empower 2.3
Scoring a Learning Goal ver. 2.3 Using the Grading Spreadsheet to score a learning goal in Empower 2.3
Printing Progress Reports Instructions for printing progress reports and report cards in Empower.
Providing Student Feedback  PDF instructions for communicating feedback to students individually
or to entire sections/classes of students.
Posting Progress Report/Report Card Comments  How to post comments on a report so they will appear on a "Printed"
Creating a Gradebook in Empower 3.0new! In order to do much of anything in Empower 3.0, you need to create a gradebook.  
These are instructions for doing so.
Posting Comments in Empower 3.0new! Instructions on how to post comments when viewing Empower through version 3.0.
Printing Progress Reports in Empower 3.0new! Instructions on how to print progress reports or report cards in Empower 3.0.

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