Student Affairs Office

207-729-2951, ext. 8010


The Student Affairs Office (SAO) is centrally located on the first floor just past the Guidance Office. SAO is open from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.


SAO frequently used services

Parking space applications - During the first week of school Seniors only can pick up a form to apply for a parking space. Juniors can apply the second week. Students must pay all fines owed to the school or library, and return or pay for all books before a parking permit can be issued. Students must also be in good standing with their attendance. Students will turn in a signed parking application, show a valid driver's license and yellow vehicle registration, and submit the fee of $20.00. Please read the application carefully. School administrators have the right to revoke parking privileges depending on a student's attendance or behavior issues.

Planned absences - Students who are taking an extended leave from school due to medical/dental or family plans that cannot be arranged outside of school breaks, or who are going on other outings for educational purposes can apply for a Planned Absence. Planned Absence Forms are available at SAO or online here. Forms must be turned in to SAO one week in advance of the absence. Please see the Student and Family Handbook for more information.

Dismissal passes - Students who have to leave early from school due to a medical, dental or other scheduled appointment need to bring a signed, dated note to SAO as soon as they arrive at school. SAO will issue a dismissal pass, and the student will check out at the time of departure. If the appointment does not require the student to be out for the entire day, the student will check back in to SAO upon returning from the appointment with the dismissal pass. A note/card from the appointment should be turned in upon return or on the next school day. Please see the Student Handbook for more information.

Dismissal due to illness - Students who need to leave school due to illness are to report to the Nurse's Office. The nurse will assess the situation and make arrangements for the student to be dismissed. Students should not call parents to be picked up without checking into the Nurse's Office or SAO.

Late arrival to school - Students who arrive to school late must check in at SAO. Students should have a valid note for their tardiness/absence to be excused. Please see the Student Handbook concerning excused and unexcused tardies and absences from school.

Lost and found - If an item has been lost there is a good chance it is still in the building.  Items such as coats, clothing, backpacks (that can't be identified), watches, earrings, keys, glasses, etc. are generally placed in SAO. Unfortunately, not all items are found, but students should report missing property to SAO just in case.

Locker number and combination - If a student forgets his/her locker combination he/she can request it by giving his/her name, grade and homeroom teacher name. Students are advised not to share locker information. All lockers are to be emptied by the student at the end of the school year.


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