Staff Directory

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207-729-2951, ext 209 (Main Office)

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Donna Brunette Principal 208
Don Gray Assistant Principal 209
Alison Pols Assistant Principal 206
Geoff Godo Athletic Director 213
Valerie Densmore
Special Services Director

Administration Support Staff

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Randy Cook
 School Resource Officer
Jennifer Green
 Student Records
Pam Justice Student Affairs / Attendance
Michelle Reed Administrative  / Main Office 203
 Steve Reed
 Custodial Supervisor
Michelle Snowden
 Office Manager / Main Office
 Terry York
 Food Service Director

207-729-2951, ext. 225

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Sarah Cowperthwaite Art Teacher 229
Christine Delrossi Art Teacher, Department Head 225
Zachary Fields Art Teacher

207-729-2951, ext. 239

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Jessica Belanger English Teacher
Eric Bosarge
English Teacher
Shannon Collum
English Teacher / RTI
Meredith Diamond
English Teacher
Tracy Boucher English Teacher
Leonard Krill English Teacher
Lianna Fenimore English Teacher
Stewart Palmer English Teacher
Jason Prince English Teacher
Emily Vail English Teacher, Department Head 239

School Counseling
207-729-2951, ext. 202

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Ella Anderson Department Secretary 202
Krista Chase School Counselor 215
Sarah Furman Social Worker 210
Deborah Ludwig School Counselor 221
Christy McAllaster School Counselor 220

Health / Physical Education
207-729-2951, ext. 230

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Jeanne Billings Health Teacher,
Department Head
Matthew Cook PE Teacher 244
Christopher Knickerbocker PE Teacher 245
Julie Petrie
Health Teacher

Learning Commons
207-729-2951, ext. 254

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Jodi Crawford Library Media Specialist 254
Ben Menair Technology Support Leader 240
Corrie Calderwood PE Teacher 254
Jared Desimio Learning Commons Ed Tech 254
Ryan Palmer Technology Integrator 254

207-729-2951, ext. 231

Staff member
Position Ext. Email address
Brooke Cox
Math Teacher
Jeff Hunt
Math Teacher
Rob Messier
Math Teacher
 Carmen Palmer
Math Teacher
Tom Quick
Math Teacher
Courtney Reichert
Math Teacher
Doug Sautter
Math Teacher
Laura Strelitz
Math Teacher
Paul Treworgy
Math Teacher
Lisa Walker
Math Teacher / Department Head

207-729-2951, ext. 231

Staff member
Position Ext. Email address
Allen Graffam Music Teacher, Department Head 231
Kristen Thomas Music Teacher

Nurse / School Based Health Center (SBHC)
207-729-2951, ext. 264
School-Based Health Center (SBHC), ext. 273

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Ann Chang School Nurse 264
Ellen Martel School Nurse (Thursday's) 264
Amy Pandya
Nurse Practitioner - School-Based Health Center 274
Lynn Sirois
Administrative Assistant 273

Social Studies / History
207-729-2951, ext. 237

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
John Dever Social Studies Teacher
Lou Dorogi Social Studies Teacher
Bree Candland Social Studies Teacher
Dennis Edmondson Social Studies Teacher
Sewall Janeway Social Studies Teacher, Department Head 237
Terry Martin Social Studies Teacher
Chris Nulle Social Studies Teacher
Gillian Watt Social Studies Teacher

207-729-2951, ext. 247

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Wendy Ambrose
 Science Teacher
Evelyn Barbour Science Teacher
Mike Cooney Science Teacher
Donna Dionne Science Teacher
Glenn Evans Science Teacher
Joan Bradford Science Teacher
Paul Sasso
 Science Teacher
Daniel Gibson Science Teacher
Doug Ware Science Teacher
Ryan Woodside Science Teacher, Department Head 247

Special Services
207-729-2951, ext. 214

Staff member Position Ext. Email address
Valerie Densmore Director of Special Services 224
April Littlefield SWIC English Teacher 243
Eric Brewer Special Services .5 Teacher / .5 Ed Tech 228
 Steven Butts
 Ed Tech
Skip Cross
 Ed Tech
Alexa Cooper
 Social Worker
Christine DeRan Teacher, The Center
Samantha Durham Social Worker 253
Mary Kay Dyer Secretary 214
Bill Fitzsimmons Ed Tech 256
Joseph Furrow Functional LIfe Skills Teacher - Practical Academics 258
Paul Guerette Speech and Language Pathologist
Tammy Harley Consulting Resource Teacher - Science
Matt Haskell STAR Math Teacher 260
Danielle Hiltz Social Worker, The Center
Sara Hinkman CEP
Kay Kessler BEP (Bold Endurance program) Teacher
Jane Kitchel Social Worker 227
Neal Goldberg Alt. Ed. Teacher
Lexine Mainwaring Direct Reading and Writing Teacher 243
Ellen Messier Ed Tech 260
Laura Nay Ed Tech 256
David Poulicakos TAP Teacher 236
Stephanie Schmitt Consulting Resource Teacher - Math
Catherine Schofield Ed Tech
 Julie St. Pierre
 Ed Tech
Beth Ann Nickerson Success with Integrated Curriculum
(SWIC) - Social Studies
Frannie Welch Consulting Resource Teacher -
English and Social Studies

World Language
207-729-2951, ext. 241

Staff member Position Ext. Email Address
Ellyn Ballou French Teacher
Dorothy Bradford Spanish Teacher
Peggy Callahan Spanish Teacher/ Department Head 250
Josefine Eltzroth German Teacher
Aurora Manzanero Spanish Teacher
Elizabeth Mendoza Spanish Teacher
Nathalie Gorey French Teacher

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